Yesterday, I was feeling pretty good.  Got up on time, got dressed, decided to wear a skirt and tights (which those who know me well, know I almost never do), kids got ready on time.  We went outside to walk down to daycare and L said, “Mom watch out, it’s icy!” A little too late.  I turned my ankle so well it chipped off some of the bone on the inside.  Now, as an adult, I very rarely cry (cancer crap excepted) but I bawled.  Scared my poor friend at school to death when I called her.  Luckily, they were able to find a sub (kudos to that person for taking middle school music without a lesson plan!)  I couldn’t go in with the doctor until 11:45 am and then she definitely wanted some xrays.  So the husband (who took the day off to help me.  awesome guy.)  drove me over to the imaging center, where all the patients were sitting in the dark.  Due to a power outage.  Yep.  I know.  Anyway, so then they transferred all of us to the hospital to get our scans there.  So yeah.  I broke my ankle.   I have a couple days on crutches with an ace bandage until the swelling goes down, then they’ll give me a boot thing.  *sigh*