Erin was pretty amazing.  She was a nurse and had two small children and a husband.  And like me, she was diagnosed with Stage III breast cancer in January 2008.  We met on the Young Survival Coalition bulletin board.  Her login was heartnurse, because she worked in the cardiology ward of her hospital.  Over at the YSC, it is common that women who are going through treatment at the same time create their own little treatment group and so we became the Moxies (because we started chemo in March.)  We commiserated about treatment, side effects, losing our hair and sometimes our dignity.  Also we talked about how we worried what our diagnosis and treatment meant for our kids.  She called me the day she found out she had progressed to Stage IV.  I remember being at a loss for words,  which is hard to fathom, I know.   When my friend sent me Tinkerbell wings, she sent me some extra for Erin’s little girl as well as a copy of the movie.   (She loves fairies.)  When her first oncologist told her she had a month left, she picked herself up and went to Chapel Hill for a second opinion.  That was last year. She did everything she could to fight off the beast.

She was a fighter.

She was a nurse.

She was a Mama and Wife.

She was a Moxie.

And now she’s gone.

Peace be with you Moxie-girl.  We miss you already.