So I’m two days in and still alive.  Tired, but alive.  🙂  And I mean that in the most positive way.  I’ve had such great fun teaching these last couple days.  It will be sad when the honeymoon is over.  But it will.  And there will be testing. (Both by the kids and by the district.  Heh.)

So what I’ve discovered so far is:

1) Middle school kids can be cute.  Loud, and sometimes annoying.  But cute.

2) There is a seriously different dynamic when all your classes have twice as many boys in them as girls.  No really.  They do.  The most extreme is at a 17 to 3 ratio.

3) Some second graders need to work on their brain filters (we call them “Positive Choices!”) as I was asked if I was a man today.  Awesome.

4) 3rd grade sings on pitch!

5) 4th grade is pretty rhythmically solid

6) I taught the most mature group of 1st graders I’ve seen since’s Ms. O’s class back at the old job that loved to listen to Chattanooga Choo Choo as a reward for good behavior.  (No really.  They did.  Would you like to play a game?  Nah, but could you put on some of that big band music?)  I had the wrong roster for today’s class so only half of the kids were correct on the seating chart.  Which could have been disastrous.  But they just played along, told me their names and found their own places to sit on the floor.  Too crazy.

7) 2nd and 5th are going to be the challenging ones in this rotation.  But only sort of.  They were still easier than other classes I’ve had.  🙂  I also find that sometimes the best stories come out of those classes.  So stay tuned…

PS Music Teacher friends: I’m sorely in need of some pitch matching exercises that aren’t dull and boring.  And any advice for the changing middle school voice would be greatly appreciated… 🙂