I had such a wonderful morning.  🙂  Kids got up.  I got up.  On time.  Got to daycare and school.  On time.  Met the staff at my new school.  Everybody was super nice and I got such a great vibe from all of them.   You really get a sense that kids come first here.  And that’s awesome.  (I love the word awesome, but it’s so hard not to hear Keanu Reeves when I type it.)

I feel at home and I haven’t even finished putting the room together.  And I figured out how to fit 7 congas in my cabinets.  4 more to go.

The weather was turning just as I went to pick up the boy.  Snow started fall.  Not the pretty kind but instead the blizzardy kind that obscures your vision and hides treacherous ice patches on sidewalks.  Which I did manage to find and fall on.  I’ve been afraid to look at what I’m sure is a very lovely bruise.

As the weather continued to worsen, so did the mood of the day.  My once cheerful children became sullen and whiny.  (Apparently it is very unreasonable to turn off the TV at dinner.  Who knew?)

The phone rang.  One friend was calling me on behalf of another.  To tell me her cancer is back.  She and I were diagnosed at the same time.  Similar stage, though she had different pathology.  We went to the support group together.  Our kids are roughly the same age, though she had the added challenge of a baby during treatment.  My heart is broken for her.  I feel like there are icicles in my lungs as there is cancer in hers.  All that she’s been through, the surgeries, the chemo, the radiation, didn’t keep it away.  I will never understand why treatment works for some and not for others.  It is incredibly unfair.  But then disease is not concerned with fairness.

Pray for K and her family.  Please.  For the right chemo cocktail to keep her cancer in check.  For strength as she starts the fight again.  For hope, because none of us has an expiration date stamped on us.