Last night we made soy candles for the kids’ teachers.  J and I had gone to a ceramic show last month and found these lovely tiny pots (made by a knitting friend of mine).  I had been trying to think of fun things to put in the pot (honey, spices, tiny plants…) when I remembered reading that you could make soy candles in the microwave.  We bought the stuff at Joann’s and on the tip of one of their employees used an old crayon for color instead of the commercial dyes.  We also added apple pie scent to it. I figure, who doesn’t like apple pie?  This was a very easy craft, but I admit I was a little paranoid about the hot wax and the kid’s pouring abilities to let them do much more than affix the wick and peel the crayon.  They still had a good time though and are now making festive bags to wrap them in.