Hey look.  Nicole’s writing another post about cancer.  Crazy.

I can’t help it.  It’s part of who I am now and these new guidelines freak me out a bit.

New York Times Article on new BSE and Mammogram guidelines

Here’s a link to the actual task force website.

I’m not stupid.  I understand the math.  And the money.  And the risks. (I did have to sign all those freaking forms, you know.)  The hard part for me is, like most young women with breast cancer, I would be dead if I’d had to wait until 50 for a mammogram.  And you could argue that since I found my lump that I still would have been diagnosed.  But would I?  I have to admit that one of my big fears about these new recommendations is that it will be harder to convince insurance companies to pay for the scans.  AND the new guidelines discourage SBE (Self Breast Exams).  So maybe I wouldn’t have found the lump at all?  I understand that mammograms and BSE aren’t the very best tools, but they’re the only tools we have right now.  Find me a better way to detect breast cancer and I’ll blog about it ad nauseum.  But don’t tell women to stop doing BSEs.  Don’t use unnecessary anxiety and discomfort as a reason turn a blind eye to what’s going on in our own bodies.

You know what causes even more anxiety and discomfort than a mammogram?


I find this all very disturbing.