How can my baby be 4?  I mean I should have been ready for it.  I did plan the party, ramen noodles and all.  The boy chose ramen for his birthday lunch. (It takes 7 packages of ramen to feed 14 people.  Just in case you were wondering.)  Watching him play with his new toys and his cousins, I just marvel at how much he’s grown in the last year.  His vocabulary is growing, “I not ‘noxious, Mom.  I just pwaying.”  “Holy Moleg!”  “I can’t know that.”  I find myself using that last one a lot.

zoo 039And I have to admit, my favorite pictures are the ones that show his lovely quirky personality.  Someday he’ll forgive me for posting them on the internet, right?

Happy Birthday, little guy!  Don’t grow up too fast.  I’m not ready.