1.  It cracks me up that L can read, write, and correctly spell the word turkey.  But pronounces it churckee.

2.  J threw a fit on the way to the doctor yesterday.  “I don’t wanna go to the pwastic surgeons!  I want to go to the OTHER doctor!”  There are no toys at the plastic surgeon’s office, but there is a slide at the family doctor’s.

a)  I find it both humorous and sad that my 3 year old knows the words plastic surgeon, drain, surgery and other medical jargon he’s picked up over the last year.

3.  I am tired of surgery.  Strike that.  I’m tired of recovering from surgery.

4.  Despite all the sad things, the crappy things, and the annoying things I’ve dealt with this year, I still think I had a great summer.  I got to spend wonderful time with John’s family, my family and friends.  The kids got to do fun things and both kids are on their way to actually learning how to swim.  I got to perform in a few concerts.  My life is good.

5.  I just walked in on L reading to J.  Love it.