That’s a saying over at the YSC that describes going through cancer treatment and reconstruction.  The drain came back out today.  Not because it had finished draining, but because, after all the testing, there is still no infection.  And having drain much longer could actually introduce one.  So I’m drainless and wearing a sports bra to compress the fluid.  Woo.

I also had my first expansion today.  Weird experience.  GIANT needle with saline.  Luckily I can’t feel a thing.  It’s actually sort of funny how they find the port of the expander.  It has a magnet in it so they use a little device similiar to a stud finder.  Then plunge the giant needle in.  I have no feeling whatsoever in frankenlefty; too many nerves severed.  But frankenrighty is a little uncomfortable.  Ah well.  It’s part of the process.

Turtle on!