Which brings us to Wednesday.  Still.  No.  Power.

Tired of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and still afraid to open the refrigerator for more than 2 seconds, I decided to try and use the outdoor gas grill as a sort of stove top.  Ever tried to boil water on a propane grill?  Boiling water for coffee that morning should have been my tip off that it really wasn’t going to work.  I also made some passable scrambled eggs which my daughter asked for then wouldn’t eat.  Ah parenthood.

Compared to the day before, Wednesday was pretty uneventful.  The neighborhood kids played.  I pretended to clean things.  Lunch rolls around and the kids want mac and cheese.  Anybody care to take a guess at how long it takes to make mac and cheese on a gas grill?

Heck, I’ll even make it a contest.  Haven’t had one in ages and I’m sure I missed some blogversary somewhere.  So yeah, leave your guess in the comments and I will have one of the urchins randomly select from the correct answers.  May as well have some fun this week.  🙂