So, if you remember, the boy was in such a hurry to wear the sweater in 90 degree weather, that  I completely bungled the bind off to fit over his gigantic head.

Wacky Bind Off

Wacky Bind Off

Well, now the weather is unseasonably chilly, so, of course, he’s outside in his sandals and tee shirt.  And shorts.  Hopefully. 

I figured now was a good a time as any to take possession of the aforementioned sweater and fix it.  Frogged it back quite a bit and used the Elizabeth Zimmerman sewn  bind off(which is absolutely my new favorite bind off.  SO easy!  or EZ!  heh.  I’m so funny.)  It looks so much better.

EZ bind off.  MUCH better.

EZ bind off. MUCH better.

And it fits over his head.