Look!  M-ice cubes!  I'm so funny.

Look! M-ice cubes! I'm so funny.

Every good diet girl knows that one of the keys to Weight Watchers is water.  Water.  Water.  I am not a good water drinker.  I was an excellent Diet Coke drinker.  But water?  Not so good.  So since I have given up soda in the home (I’m still allowed when we’re eating out.  Heh.)  I have been attempting to reacquaint myself with the faucet.  To help with this endeavor, I’ve starting freezing fruit juice in silicone ice trays (MUCH easier to get the cubes out) and dropping a couple of those in my water bottle.  Lots of water, fruity taste, minimal calories.  Even a lazy cook can do it.  🙂

Mmmm.  Juicy water.

Mmmm. Juicy water.