I finished the boy’s sweater (or fweater if you speak J) and found that, once again, my children have giant heads.  I even tried to allow for that when I was doing the neck, adding stitches and binding off with a needle two sizes up.  It STILL wouldn’t go over his head.  So I tried adding MORE stitches and ended up adding too many.   So it needs tweaking.  After I get him to take it off.  (Did I mention it’s been 90 degrees F this week?)

My fweater!  Wif a J!

My fweater! Wif a J!

It was also my first time with intarsia.  Which I did incorrectly.  So I already have some ideas for adaptations for the next one.   I would also definitely make a size larger than what you think you need.  The arms are quite long and came up sort of narrow.  This might be a gauge thing since I neglected to swatch.  I know.  Next time I will.  I promise.  (Heh.)
Oh yeah.  I made it out of Berroco Comfort that I had in my stash.