The title actually comes from a quote from one of those class books the kindergartner brings home.  One of them was a worksheet that had them fill in the blank, “One thing that is special about me is…”  Many a 6 year old boy wrote, “I like to play with my Wii.”  Which is hysterically funny when you have to keep reading that aloud.

Flash forward to today.

In a bout of weakness (and the fact it was 20 bucks plus an extra 15 % off at Kohls), I bought the Chicken Little game.  I don’t know if you’ve seen the movie Chicken Little, but it’s pretty much one of my favorite kid movies ever.  Zach Braff rules.  So anyway, in the game you collect acorns as you blow things up.  (You just have to see it.)  So my little boy is now in the living room hollering, “My nut!  My nut!”

I think we have now established that I am 12.