There are two google memes running around the internet these days and I have to admit the results are pretty funny.  In each of them you type either *your name* needs or Unfortunately, *your name* and post the first 5 entries.

SO.  That said.

1.  Nicole needs bigger boobs.  (Seriously.  It really says that.)

2.  Nicole needs to live in the NOW.  (I have no idea why that is capitalized.)

3.  Nicole Scherziner (Pussycat Doll) needs at good meal.

4.  Nicole needs to lay off the Botox.

and lastly

5.  Nicole needs a new computer!   (Heh.)

And the second one…

1.  Unfortunately, Nicole never considered the fact that she could get pregnant while doing alcohol and drugs while having unprotected sex.  (Hee.)

2.  Thin is beautiful, and unfortunately, Nicole has gone over the edge.

3.  Unfortunately, Nicole was having a wardrobe malfunction.

4.  Unfortunately Nicole Kidman is a typical white Australian and has no idea about Aborginal culture.

5.  Unfortunately, Nicole seems to have an incredible memory, or maybe because she’s just hungry for gossip.

So there you have it.  A post mostly about Nicole Richie.  But humorous just the same.  A boob job.  Seriously.  How did they know?