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The plastic thing.

Everybody’s got their thing.  Since my cancer diagnosis one of mine has been an somewhat irrational fear of plastic.  It’s human nature to want to find a reason why something happens, and one of those things I’m suspicious about is the prevalence of plastic in our daily life.  Especially as a conveyance for food.  Doesn’t it seem strange that we are so quick to judge China and all it’s questionable manufacturing practices, and yet there are carcinogens in our shampoo, formaldehyde in our baby soap, and BPA is still present in many of the containers that hold what we eat?  Canada banned BPA last year and the baby bottle and water bottle industry has recently gotten on board.  Now before you think I’m all anti-plastic, I’m not.  It has it’s place.  I just think it needs to stay away from our food.  Especially hot food and liquids that can cause the chemicals to leach more quickly into it.  I still use plastic to store things, but I don’t microwave it.  Recently I found a coffee mug (actually my MIL found one and I ran out and got one the next day) that has a ceramic liner, rather than plastic like the rest of my mugs.  Now if only they made one that will fit in my cup holder.

Made by Contigo, purchased at Target

Made by Contigo, purchased at Target

Qwerty Sampler

Saw this at craftzine.  Heh.


Lazy Cooking Tip of the Day

I’m a lazy cook.  I admit it.  I’m always trying to find more efficient and quicker ways of tweaking my favorite recipes.  Sometimes it works.  Sometimes it doesn’t.

Today?  It worked.

I got tired to thawing my ground beef before cooking it.  I never remember to put it in the fridge the day before and when I use the microwave the outside gets cooked while the inside stays just a frozen as it was in the beginning.

Stuck it in the pan on medium heat with a lid on it.  Cooked in about the same time as a thawed pound of ground beef would.  Woo!

Sorry the pics lame.  I'm still using my phone as a camera.

Sorry the pics lame. I'm still using my phone as a camera.

Mmm.  Sloppy Joes.

Shameless Planina Plug


Hmm.  For some reason I can’t get the poster to post.  😦  Click the above link to see it.  It’s a very pretty poster.  🙂


Oh yeah.  Did I mention Planina is opening for Libana on Saturday, April 18th at 7:30 pm? 

All the cool kids are coming.

Tickets can be purchashed at the website.


*Edit*  Apparently my fingers have been drinking without me again.  They are starting to slur their words.  So feel free to “purchashe” a ticket.  Heh.