I always loved that Beatles song.

I had a great birthday.  The big 35.  This may be weird, but I’ve never worried about getting older.  Especially now.  I feel like every birthday itself  is a giant gift.

I spent Saturday evening with my family, my sister and her family, and my brother and his girl (who we adore 🙂 ) and some of my sister’s friends at Buca di Beppos.  That’s a lot of little ones but they did wonderfully.  I love sharing my birthday with my sister.  It makes us unique (although it does confuse people who know us both since her birthday is first and I’m older.)  The waiter had everyone sing to us and we shared our cake with everybody at the table.  They brought us 2 pieces each of a red velvet cake which magically fed all 13 of us.  They all pitched in and got us a Wii Fit.  I almost cried.  I really wanted one.

Sunday was my actual birthday and it was a lovely day.  Almost 80 degrees outside.  In March!  We went for a walk and Big J and the kids made me my favorite cake (Mom’s Cordella Chocolate) with sprinkles added.  L says that all cakes need sprinkles.  The best present though was just the simple being with my husband and my kids, as they sang me Happy Birthday (candles are forever ruined for me since we saw a show on the Food Network that showed how much bacteria is spread by blowing them out). 

Hooray 35!