In my house, we use a lot of honey.  In Colorado, this is a problem because it often crystallizes when it gets too cold.  In the old days, I would have stuck the little honey bear in the microwave, melted the crystals and enjoyed my tea without a second thought.  Now I second think everything.  And I don’t microwave plastic anymore.  This made  sad.  For my honey still crystallized. 

Discouraged, I went to Bed, Bath and Beyond looking for ye olde honey pot with wooden honey stick.  What I found was much neater.

Ye Olde Restaurant Syrup Pitcher!

Ye Olde Restaurant Syrup Pitcher!


(and yes.  I still can’t find the camera.  Ask me how much this is killing me.  Ok, don’t.  It’s killing me.)

A much neater option.  Works perfectly.  When the honey hardens, I just unscrew the cap, stick it in the microwave for a few seconds and voila!  My tea is happy with its honey.

Sometimes I am smart.