I stole this from Laurie.  🙂  The first sentence of the first post of each month.  Kind of a trippy trip.

January:  I didn’t make it to the New Year.

February:  So M-Day is scheduled for Monday February 11th.

March:  Got the results from the ultrasound of my thyroid.

April:  Much more fun to watch than ultimate frisbee!

May:  It’s hard coming up with catchy titles.


JulyDr. Horrible

August:  As you may remember, I am the pirate mommy!  

September:  This is the promo that my hometown newspaper ran for Stand Up to Cancer.

October:  Three years ago today, you came to us.

November:  I saw this recipe on my friend Sarah’s blog, Sprucehill, and I knew I would be making it.

December :  I had a very nice Thanksgiving.