Heh.  Maybe I should bleach my hair like Susan Powter (sp?)

So Wednesday, I went in for my first post cancer mammogram.  The Breast Care Center (same place I gushed about at diagnosis) recently had a makeover so not only was it filled with the lovely ladies I dealt with last year, but it was pretty too.  When I arrived, they gave me a heated gown (heated!) to put on and a pretty locker to put my stuff in.  I got my 2 standard mammograms and went to the waiting room to wait for the results.  There are two kinds of women who get their scans at the Breast Care Center, ones that have had cancer, and ones who might have cancer.  Needless to say, some of them are nervous (see me last year!)  One woman wanted to know what would happen next for her, so I assured her that whatever the outcome, the nurses would take very good care of her.  It was weird being the comforting patient this year.  I was about 20 years younger than everyone in the room but in some ways felt 20 years older.  So, me being me, made some jokes and everybody seemed to be feeling better, when the nurse came in and wanted to re-do my scans.  Heh.  So much for making them all feel better.  Anyway, so they brought me in and did the same 2 scans, this time with a dome underneath it that spread the tissue out more.  And a 90 degree squish.  And then back to the waiting room.  And then yet another view (not for the squeamish) where they twisted it to the left and THEN squished it.  And back to the waiting room.  And back for the twist to the right.   The poor nurse kept apologizing but I understand that nobody wants me to have cancer anymore and frankly, it was not nearly as bad as it sounds.  SO.  After 7 squishes, the radiologist declared Righty clear.