Well that’s not really fair.  That would be like blaming McDonald’s for getting fat.  And she’s not remotely in the same category.  If you haven’t acquainted yourself with her blog, you should check it out.  Funny lady.  Very handy with a camera, amazing culinary skills, and a great writer.  Check out the story of how she (city girl) and her husband (rancher) met.  It’s very sweet.  🙂

Anyway, back to candy cookie goodness.  Basically, I enlisted some helpers for unwrapping cherry cordial chocolate kisses.

Do I get to eat one?

Do I get to eat one?


No really.  Do I get to eat one?

No really. Do I get to eat one?


Placed some premade cookie dough into a mini muffin tin and into the oven for some baking.

Here I am eating an apple.  (I’m trying really hard not to eat the leftover chocolate!)  I still had a few.  Heh.

MM.  Apple.

MM. Apple.

When they’re still right out of the oven, you push the chocolate into the cookie.  Mmmmm.


Probably should dust off the treadmill.