I’m doing the Christmas Letter on-line this year for a couple reasons:

1) Saves trees.

2) Saves postage

3) and frankly, I’m just not sure I’m going to get the cards out this year.  I love sending out cards.  I love getting cards.  But I think I need to take this year off.  I promise, I’ll get them out next year.  🙂


Dear Everybody:

C is for Christmas. 

For most of the year, C has stood for something different.  I like Christmas better.  Always have.  I’m one of those crazy people that loves looking for gifts for people.  Sometimes they’re purchased and sometimes they’re home made but I’ve always figured it’s my wordless way of showing how much my family and friends are loved.  And this year  I discovered that I have a wonderful network of strength and friendship.  My family that embraced my new normal.  My old friends who rallied for me in so many ways, making sure my family was fed and cared for when I was unable.  My new friends, who also took us under their wings and reminded me what Christian fellowship is about.

C is for Church.  Going back to church has been an amazing thing for me and my family.  I love the belonging of worship.  I love the music and the recitation of sage words that have lasted for over a thousand years.  I love listening to L as she learns the different prayers.   (We’re still working on little J not wearing his pajamas to church, much less sitting in the pews.  Heh.)  Going back to church has inspired me to *be* better, not just get better.

C is for children.   Today, L had her Kindergarten Christmas program.  They were so cute!  And they sang on pitch!  (Yes, geeky music teacher comment.)  She wore her Christmas dress.  I barely convinced her to wear white tights (she wanted to wear red hearts.  The dress is blue plaid.)  J wanted to wear his Christmas outfit too so I thought I’d try to get some pictures of them with the tree.  After school, I took them to see Santa at the mall.  I thought my timing was brilliant because most kids would be taking a nap then.  Except I had a very sleepy 3 year old in the back seat.  J is not a happy napper.  Some kids wake up refreshed.  Mine wake up worse than before.  L and I must have looked like lunatics playing loud music and periodically yelling “Wakey Wakey Wakey!” in our best muppet voices to keep him awake.  We did it though and both kids made up for being whiny this week by putting on their best behavior for Santa.

Santa keep tickling me to get me to smile.
Santa keep tickling me to get me to smile.

And yes, J is wearing his snazzy snow boots.  Some battles aren’t worth it.

And some are.  🙂  I meant what I said about wanting to be better.  There’s a song that’s on the John Denver and the Muppets album that sums it up well, I think.  I always liked the idea that the potential for wisdom is within all of us, if we only use our heart and eyes to see what is around us.

So Merry Christmas, with a big, old, illuminated C. 

Take that, cancer.  🙂



It’s in every one of us
To be wise
Find your heart
Open up both your eyes
We can all know everything
Without ever knowing why
It’s in every one of us
By and by

Sadly, after much internet surfing, I can’t find the John Denver version.  Which is too bad.  It’s my favorite.  So here’s Clay Aiken.  Who has my hair.