This year for Christmas, my sister and I are swapping babysitting so we can go on dates with our husbands.  Friday night was our night.

Friday afternoon, I got my hair cut.  So now I look a little less like Clay Aiken,


and a little more like 1980’s Jodie Foster.


Which at least puts me at the right gender.  Heh.

After that, I had a lovely afternoon with the lovely ladies at Posh.  I may have adopted a skein of yarn on my way out…

First, we had dinner at the Yak and Yeti, and Indian restaurant that recently took over one of our old favorite places, The Cheshire Cat.  As sad as we were to lose our pub, we quickly got over it as we tried their combination platters and a pint of beer (they still brew their own beer).  The food was amazing.  I’m not necessarily known as an epicurean, but the flavors in our meal were indescribably wonderful.   I think it just might be our new favorite place.  🙂

Then we headed over to BW3’s where we kicked butt at trivia.  Nice to know the chemo didn’t destroy all of my brain.  Grins.

Today we spent Christmas shopping.  Not nearly as fun as last night was.  Heh.