I have to preface this story with this:  one of L’s favorite gifts she received is a microphone on a stand from her Aunt L.  We have been treated to many many many solos of “Twinkle Twinkle” and “You Are My Sunshine”, as well as many improvised tunes such as “It’s my birthday” and “My tights are itchy”.  J has also entertained us with “Hanh.”  Which is Twinkle Twinkle using the word “Hanh.”

Back to the story.

J woke up very grumpy and tired from his nap.  I gave him a banana and headed off the restroom (TMI I know but if you’re a parent you know where this is going.)  I have not been able to use the restroom alone since I was teaching.  Even before kids, the dog would poke her head in to make sure I was alright.  So as I’m in the loo, I hear a whiny 3 year old voice yelling, “Bamamama mam ana pans!”  This is a slightly more intelligible version of what he actually said.  Needless to say, we go back and forth a few times; me trying to get him to wait 2 minutes for me to get out of the bathroom and him yelling the same thing he said before only louder.  Finally, my daughter decided she needed to intervene, parked her new microphone outside the bathroom, opened the door and at full volume told me he had bananas on his pants.  Which, of course, I can still do nothing about because I’m in the bathroom. 

It’s a good thing they’re cute.