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Look! More knitting!

This is Jo.

She took wonderful care of my little J while I was at radiation every day.  Little J is going to go through Jo withdrawal.  🙂  I am too.  She is wearing a pair of Cornflower Mitts that I sneakingly made for her.  Thank you so much Jo!

Look I knit something!



I made this for my little neice.  The pattern is awesome. (Way to go Allegra!)  I got so many compliments on it while I was making it. 

In other news, tomorrow is my last radiation treatment.  🙂  I may blog about that later.

In other other news, I caught this over at Wil Wheaton’s Blog (yes.  THAT Wil Wheaton.  I may have had a bit of crush during my formative years…) and it made me laugh.  Ah!  The pipewrench!

Dearest J is 3 today!

Hi Mom!

Hi Mom!

Three years ago today, you came to us.  I got to hold you right away, snuggled up on my chest as they closed the incision.  Your head still fits on my shoulder, even though it’s not as fluffy as it once was.  Your devilish smile, your ever present pajama pants and rubber boots will forever be etched in my heart.  I love how you “fly” everywhere you go, off to save the world.  I love being awakened by your little voice letting me know the “sun is up!”  I love that we have to sing the same three songs every night before you go to bed, in the correct order with the exact same conversation.  Love you baby boy!