There are things nobody tells you about being a parent.  It’s sort of like when you first get pregnant and women start telling you stories about tearing.

Tearing.  Why is there tearing?  There should not be tearing.  Tearing sounds very bad.

So now that my firstborn is in kindergarten I’m finding a whole new set of things nobody told me.  Like how we now pretty much have to schedule our lives around THEIR schedule.  Flex days, Parent/Teacher Conferences, Take your parent to school day, Class parties. daily homework, Friday Folders.  Now, Nicole, I’m sure many of you are saying in your heads, You were a public school teacher, how did you not know these things.  I was vaguely aware of the Friday Folder thing (I would send home any communications to parents about programs etc through this vehicle, but I never actually saw one.)  Nobody told me that Friday Folders have about as much reading material as an abridged Victor Hugo novel.  OK.  Maybe not THAT much.  But a lot. 

Also, you must always check your daughter’s backpack EVERY night, but especially on Friday (see Friday Folder) and not on Sunday night you might have a big surprise waiting for you.  Unfinished classwork is sent home in the dreaded GREEN folder.  We are well acquainted with the green folder as apparently L is somewhat of a talker.  OK.  BIG talker.  Lots of talking, not so much with the work finishing.  We have spoken to her about this and had hoped that it would magically get better but apparently Dumbledore was not on our side this week.  Opened up the backpack this evening and lo, and behold:  Green folder.  With a giant (Ok. 5 page) packet of Kindergarten work to be completed.  We had started homework at a very respectable 6:45 PM and finished around 9:00 PM.  Now I take full responsibility for not checking the backpack on Friday.  And L will be seeing some lost TV privileges if the Green Folder makes another appearance.  But the tired, irradiated Mama can’t help but think, “Good Lord that’s a lot of coloring and letter practice.”  2 hours and 15 minutes worth. 

What the heck is that girl doing in school?  Hosting her own talk show or something.  Seriously.