So I emailed the author:

As a mother of 2 small children who is fighting aggressive breast cancer, I cried when I read your article “Stars come out to fight cancer” in the Sunday paper this morning. Stand Up To Cancer is important prime time charity event and your article trivialized it, at best. I found this part especially offensive. “If this keeps up, television will have its own annual version of Charity Week, with bookends of the Jerry Lewis Labor Day Telethon on the long weekend and Stand Up to Cancer on all three networks Friday.

Oh, and the MTV Music Awards on Sunday. Who will be this year’s rehab poster child?”

Our oncologists tell us that cancer research is on the verge of new break throughs that just might save our lives, if only the funding were there. 1 in 2 men will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime, 1 in 3 women. Cancer does not discriminate between the old or the young; by race or by gender. I hope that your life is never touched by cancer, but I speak for my brothers and sisters who are also stricken with this disease that we deserved better than that article.

Please take the time to go to the Stand Up To Cancer website and see what it’s about.