So I went to the Radiation Oncology dept of the hospital all ready to get my new flashy tattoos (OK.  They’re tiny blue freckles.  But we can pretend that they’re cool.)  and found out my CT scan was crooked.  It placed my heart right smack in the field where they were going to radiate, which is no good.  After two more scans it was determined that it was not the scan that was out of whack, it’s that I’m actually crooked.  When you lie flat, your sternum is supposed to be directly above your spine.  Apparently, mine is slightly off, which means in order for it all to line up correctly I actually have to lean slightly to the left, with my arm up in the air and my head turned right to look over my shoulder.  Very comfortable.  If you’re posing for a Grecian vase that is. Figures.

I get my tattoos tomorrow and rads start on Wednesday.  Woo.