You might be asking yourself, “Self?  What the heck to all these things have to do with one another.”  The answer would be…absolutely nothing. Yep.  Nothing.  I’m going random today.

Number 1 on the agenda.  My beloved Fanny Pak has been voted off the island.  Apparently it’s one of the most controversial votes in the single season history of America’s Best Dance Crew.  (Yes, there is some sarcasm in the previous statement…)  So here they are, a clip from their last show.  Loved those guys.


Number 2 is that dearest L went to Kindergarten today.  In the same school and same room as I did back in ’79.  Same green carpet.  Same pea gravel.  Totally new Smart Board.  Those things are COOL!

L's first day of Kindergarten. *sniff sniff*

L's first day of Kindergarten

Last, but not least, I saw the Radiation Oncologist today.  7 weeks of radiation, left front, left back, and left axillary nodes (or where they used to be…).  Basically fry me to a crisp.  They do it at an angle so as not to damage the lung and heart, but there is a 5% risk of damage.  There is also an increased risk of lymphedema (yippee.) with the radiation to the lymph nodes.  I go next week for the CT scan and probably will start rads the following week.