Argh.  So L’s playdate was cancelled (for a very good reason!  Friend’s friend had new baby!) but she lost her cell phone with my number in it so we were having trouble communicating.  I had Big J’s car to get the oil changed (WAY past due on that) and I waited around because I didn’t know if they were coming or not.  (Not mad at friend, btw, just frustrated, you know?)  So then I had to take BOTH kids to the dealership (way fun.  woo.) and have 2 hours to walk around a relatively boring two block radius.  Went to Burger King and that went ok.  Saw a farmer’s market and thought, “Hey.  Let’s go to the farmer’s market!”  On the way to said farmer’s market, I felt a prick on my arm.  And then it started to really hurt.  I look down and yes, I have been stung by something.  On my bad arm.  So I think, “Really.  This is how my day is going to go, huh.”  For those of you who still have your lymph nodes, bee/wasp stings can lead to lymphedema (big honking swelling of the arm that never goes away).  So I tough it out and walk over to the market where I start to feel dizzy.  Luckily, my oncologist’s office is right across the street.  Popped over there where they were able to give me some instructions; massive doses of Benedryl and Zyrtec, ice and an elevated arm (which I’m not currently doing because I’m typing.  Bad cancer patient.)  J then threw a huge fit at the dealership while I’m trying to pay and then promptly fell asleep in the car on the way to Walgreens where I still have to go because I’m out of massive doses of Benedryl and Zyrtec.  So I then park in a shaded spot, and ask L to “watch” her brother in the car (Bad Pirate Mommy!) while I very quickly buy the Walgreens equivalent to massive doses of Benedryl and Zyrtec (Financially challenged cancer patient).  And chocolate.  I figured she and I both deserved some.  Oh yes, and all of this was done with intermittent hot flashes (thanks chemo!) I think Thursday and I done now.  Probably order pizza for dinner.