I love my oncologist and her office.  The nurses there are amazing and the office staff is great too.  What can I say.  I’m actually going to miss seeing them every week.  Not going to miss the toxic drugs.  You get used to a routine, I think, when you have cancer, and even though it involves something that may actually make you feel sicker, there is comfort in that routine and the people who become part of it.  I have always felt that I had exactly the doctors I was supposed to have.  I have never regretted not getting a second opinion.  (I am definitely FOR getting second opinions, I just felt that, in my case, one was enough this time.)  So anyway, here’s me and Becky, one of those amazing nurses, who listened to all my calls about constipation, nosebleeds, and pain with compassion and understanding, never once making me feel like a hypochondriac.  They got me a button to add to my collection that says, “I paid my oncologist big bucks for this hairstyle.” 


Thanks to Dr. Caskey, Becky, Robin, Jenny, Nancy, and everyone else over at the office for helping make a time which could have been truly miserable, not so much.  You are all very special people and very good at what you do.  A couple of names have escaped from my chemo brain.  It’ll come to me.  At 3 am.  That’s when it all comes back.  And then I fall asleep again.