This weekend, Big J, the kids, and I made the looooooooong drive up to the cabin Big J’s sister’s family and his parents built.  (BTW, thanks to the Willis clan for lending us the DVD player.  Listening to Finding Nemo and Thomas the Tank Engine was MUCH better than last years crying jags.)

So, here’s where we stayed.  On top of a mountain!

The view from the kitchen!

A weird moth!

L pelting Daddy with water balloons.  (Actually, all the kids pelted Daddy with water balloons.  Mama doesn’t do water balloons.  Heh.)

J catching duckies.  They say “Wack wack” in J speak.

And the best part about this weekend?  9000+ feet and no nosebleeds!  Well actually, that wasn’t the best part of this weekend.  Having a weekend away from Cancerland was pretty much priceless.