I’ve been feeling relatively good, so rather than work around the house like we probably should be doing, we’ve been playing hooky and finding fun stuff to do on the weekend.

Last weekend, we bummed around Old Town and then went up to the Wool Festival in Estes Park.  Lots of driving.  Heh.  Not very eco-minded of us.  When the kids would ask where we were going, I’d say, “Crazy!  Blubuhluhbuhluhbuh!”  Luckily they are small and think this is very funny.  As you can see in the fountain picture, Agent J is in superhero mode.  Always wants to get in the water.  Never actually does.

Agent L loves to weave.  In fact this weekend, when we went to the Gold Strike Festival in Old Town, I got her one of those potholder loopy looms.  I had one of those as a kid.  Can’t tell you how many potholders I made.  I think I even went through a mini potholder phase.  Christmas ornaments, you know?

At the Gold Strike Festival, there was a colonial demonstration (yeah, wrong century, but still fun).  Agent L had a blast playing with the toys and Agent J had fun chasing her.