I finally did it.  Got me a foob.  I’m actually surprised how “normal” it feels.  When you’re leftyless for almost 6 months, you forget about what it’s like to have tissue there.  I forgot that my left arm used to rest up next to it.  I think it’s actually going to help with my posture too.  I have a tendency to let my shoulder slump forward on that side and now there’s something in the way.  Probably a good thing since I have no desire to look like Quasimodo next year.  It definitely doesn’t feel like my old lefty, but I find it’s surprisingly comfortable.  It’s also nice to have a bra that stays in place instead of my old nursing sleep bra riding up into my armpit all day.  And yes, I find it somewhat ironic that the only bra I could tolerate these last few months was a nursing bra.  Anyway, back to the foob.  I do notice it likes to drift to the right.  Probably just needs a little adjusting.  It’s definitely the most expensive piece of lingerie I own.  And probably the most high maintenance.  The foob has it’s own special little box and special cleaner.  It’s supposed to get a bath every night.  Since I only wore it less than half a day, I figure it can skip until tomorrow.  It’s kind of like having another pet.  Too funny.