My husband is 35 years young today!  He keeps saying how old that is, but I disagree.  (Doesn’t hurt that I’ll be 35 next year so we need to keep reiterating how young it is!)  He is impossible to buy for since, near as I can tell, his favorite things in the world are us.  And lately his “hobby” has been taking care of the family during this cancer crap.  So this year, instead of struggling to find the right present, I decided to clean/organize/redo our bedroom.  When Agent J was born, we had to move all the office stuff into our bedroom, which along with my less than stellar house keeping abilities, meant that our bedroom turned into a cluttered mess of paper, yarn, computer cables and books with a bed stuck in the middle somewhere.  Big J deserves a restful place to sleep.  So my sister came up and helped me play the “where does it go” game (I HATE that game.) and also probably threw away some stuff for me that I’ll never know I didn’t need.  Anyway, so here it is honey, an actual bedroom!  It still needs some drapes and then it’s done.  I even took down the Lady of Shalott poster you hated.  🙂  Happy Birthday!

Oh yes.  And what is this?  Why this is a two layer butter yellow cake with chocolate pudding inside and chocolate frosting.  Can’t you tell?  Well at least it’ll taste good.  🙂