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Laughter is the best medicine. Bwah!

In my blogging today, I have come across a few things that made me laugh, which as anyone who has had their mortality thrown in their face knows is a truly important thing.

So here they are:

1) In the Pink.  This woman makes me laugh pretty much every time she blogs.  My favorite quote to date is, “Woo hoo!  I have the cancer!”  You’ll have to read the entry to get it into context.

2) Coffin Tables Green to the grave baby.

3) Knittin’ with the Boys.  Awesome friend gave me the coolest beret, but I bet she didn’t notice that the picture of her dog ended up under her sentence about me.

Thanks for the giggles everybody!

Happy Mother’s Day Part 2

My super talented Brother In Law took these family pictures for us right before the mass hair exodus.  I meant to have them printed and ready for Mother’s Day presents.  So this is for Daddy J (I’m trying it out as a more personal touch than DH) and my mothers.  I’ll get the print to you soon.  🙂  Little J didn’t really want to have his picture taken that day so again, kudos to STBIL!  I think J’s actually picking his nose in the middle one but you have to click a couple times to embiggen it enough to see.  Ah to be 2.


Happy Mother’s Day!

I love you Mama!  Have a wonderful day!

Happy UnBirthday!

I had so much fun today!  I got to meet a bunch of my friends over at Knit Knack to celebrate the Purple Princess’ UnBirthday!  Even though it was her birthday, I came home with more stuff than I started.  I don’t have pics yet, but I’ll get them soonly.  Knitting friends are a wonderful thing, let me tell you.  🙂  Leanne also taught me how to start Turkish toe socks.  I’m so addicted.  Oblique is never going to get done now.  Heh.

 So here’s a pic of me and Leanne that Nachaele took.  Of course I had to sport the purple hair for the Purple Princess!

Hey hey, wait a minute Mr. Postman…

It’s hard coming up with catchy titles.  And our postman is a postmistress.  Anyway, LOOK what came in the mail today!

Do I have the coolest relatives or what?  Thanks everybody!

And for more wig fun…

My aunt, uncle, and cousins sent the blue and purple ones.  The red one was from the American Cancer Society.  It needs some (ahem) work.  Heh.