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Music AND Yarn!

I caught this over at Lime and Violet’s Daily Chum. It cracked me up!


Knits and Gifts

Hey look!  Knitting!  As I’ve mentioned, I had a birthday a while back and I’ve also been the recipient of some lovely cheer up gifts from my friends.  So anyhoo, I’m just now getting to posting some of them.

First off, I finished the Spiral Hat from One Skein Designer Wonders.  I used some leftover Scoubi Du and did a test run on my head to make sure it’s soft for the giftee.

Next up a badass sock bag and lucky charms from dear Starspry.

sock bag and lucky charms

My sister got me this Noni Bag pattern and the yarn to make it.  So cool!  I have to learn intarsia!

Noni bag

Jen from Purls of Wisdom sent me some Booby Socks!  Heh.  Very sweet of her.  🙂

booby socks

And lastly for this post, Leanne got me some of Mary Kay’s new sock yarn to teach me to do toe up Turkish cast on.


You all really know how to spoil girl.  Thanks so much.  🙂


Round 3

is kicking my butt.  Dang.  I felt awful last night.  The barf fairy even visited.  Thanks barf fairy.  I’m feeling a little better this morning but I’m definitely wiped out.  I have my Neulasta shot this afternoon.  Woo. 

On a more upbeat front, I’ve finished a couple projects.  Ok.  One.  But it’s hard to knit on chemo.  I keep screwing up the same row on my Oblique so I had to put it away for a while.  Anyway, I’ll get a picture soon and post it.

Wash Eulogy as read by Alan Tudyk

Got a kick out of this.  Yes.  I am a Firefly dork.

Bald Chick of the Day

Can’t beat bald Ripley.  She still has more hair than me though.  I tried the lint roller trick which was suggested by the MoodyFoodie and though it hurt a bit, it did get rid of a bunch of those nasty Velcro hairs.  Woo.

And can I just say, “What the frak?”


Hair issues. :)

So I look like Sinead O’Connor.

Not this one.

What she looks like now.  (Which isn’t too bad really, just less waify.)

Could definitely be worse.


Though, man, there are some days I feel just like that.

I actually still have hair.  Stupid velcro-y hair that sticks to anything I put on my head.  Now I just wish it would all fall out.  Maybe I should Bic it.  I don’t think I’m that brave with a razor.

Anyway.  So here it is. 


See?  Sinead O’Connor.  I should probably start wearing makeup.  🙂

Awesome. Heh.

Much more fun to watch than ultimate frisbee!

College level Quidditch

I love that the snitch is a cross country runner.