Suspect A

Dear nephew

Suspect B

J balloon easter

Our master bedroom has a key lock on it.  Long story short, I have no idea where that key is.  Lately, I’ve been very worried that J is going to lock himself in our bedroom and not be able to get out. 

So it went down like this.  After the egg searching chaos, we suddenly notice it is remarkably quiet.  Suspect A and Suspect B are nowhere to be found.  After some searching, it is discovered that Suspects A and B have locked themselves into our room. 

Innocent bystander C

L in easter dress

and D

A with ears

look on as my poor sister tries to talk Suspect A through unlocking and opening the door.  My sister is so good at keeping her cool, knowing that yelling at him will just make him cry and unable to do anything, much less unlock the door.  I’m very proud of her.  Suspect B starts to get scared so she holds his hand under the door while trying to figure out different ways of explaining what Suspect A needs to do.  Innocent bystanders C and D are very curious now, so my job is to keep them in the living room. (Easier said than done.)  Daddies A and B end up putting a ladder to the outside window and talk Suspect A into unlocking the window.  After cutting the screen and crawling through, both Suspects are in custody and very happy to see their mamas.

 Needless to say, we don’t have a doorknob on our door anymore.

The best part about this is now this is the Easter where the boys locked themselves into the bedroom, not the one where Nicole was on chemo.  🙂

 Hope everyone had a Happy Easter!  We did!