Today was my 34th birthday and I had a wonderful day.  Started the day over at the in-laws to do the traditional egg dyeing.  And did I remember the camera?  Of course not.  I actually forgot the eggs too and had to run back the house to get them.  Luckily my in-laws live across the street.  (Yes.  Just like on Everybody Loves Raymond.)  It’s a very sweet tradition that the kids look forward to every year.  L has loved it for a couple years, but this was J’s first real time getting to help.  And he dyed many eggs.  Blue.  Because that was the one closest to him.  I’m pretty sure at least a third of the eggs are blue.  We had an amazing turkey lunch with stuffing and cranberry sauce and rolls.  Oh the rolls.  I could wax poetic about my MIL’s rolls.  They’re pretty much one of my favorite things in the world.  SO happy to not have nausea today.

 After that, my sister threw me a party at my house and I got to hang with my college girlfriends and all their babies.  SO cute.   Again.  Do I have pictures?  Nope.  But my friends took some so I expect copies.  Two of my friends came from out of state and I can’t begin to tell you how cool that was.  I know it was crazy this close to Easter (the one time in my life my birthday is next to Easter!  Seriously.)  There are actually six of us that have stayed in touch since our days at dear Old C.U..  Once a year we try to get together for our girl trip, where for one weekend we are simply a bunch of smart and sassy girls.  It reminds me who I was before I was teacher, wife, mama and now cancer warrior (yeah, I’m trying that one out).  Every one of us has been touched by something tragic, hard, or life changing over the years and we’ve always rallied for each other.  And as I know I have been altered by the things that have happened to them, they are now changed by what has happened to me and I’m sad that they have to go through this too, but at the same time I draw strength because I know that they are with me; those who were able to come here and celebrate my birthday, and those who couldn’t.  Thank you ladies.  🙂  For everything.