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snowy day

 Ah.  Here’s a little green.

oblique cast on

Even though I have other projects I should be working on (Cable Luxe Maxi!), I cast on for my Oblique last night.  I am in love with the yarn.  Ultra Alpaca by Berroco.  It’s so soft and easy to work with (so far).  I do have a knitterly question for you all though.  What is the advantage/purpose for the twisted 2×2 rib?  The pattern calls for that (knit/purling half the stitches through the back loop) and as far as I can tell, it’s a little tighter, I guess because of the twisted stitches, but I don’t see any aesthetic difference between it and regular old 2×2 ribbing.  I’m so excited to work on it though.  Whee!