I think the thing I’m most surprised about is the muscular achiness.  I was prepared for the nausea and the general yuckiness.  After I had the Neulasta shot on Wednesday, I was so sore.  Like I’d been climbing a mountain instead of passing out on the couch.  I feel better today.  Still not much appetite, but I have been eating some.  Monster headache!  So that part sucks.   The kids are gone today and it’s really quiet.  Too quiet really.  I didn’t actually sleep any better with them gone, still woke up every couple of hours anyway.  My sister called this morning.  Sounds like J slept like I did.  I’m sure L is having a great time on her princess weekend with her aunt.  J’s always been a homebody/mama’s little boy so I’m not too surprised he had a tough time.  I’m so grateful to them for taking him though, I know it’s rough when they have a baby and an almost preschooler too.  Anyway, I’m trying to psyche myself up for a little walk round the neighborhood before the crappy weather sets in.  It’s hard to tell in the picture but it’s really sunny in the backyard and really grey off to the east.  And yes.  There is a plastic bag stuck in the apple tree. 

grey day