I realized after I titled the post that “The Day After” actually brings some horrific mental images to mind for those of us “lucky” enough to view the 1980s miniseries.   Heh.  Truthfully I mostly feel like I have the flu. Chemo itself was pretty uneventful.  I guess some people even take naps during it.  Apparently one guy even snores pretty loud so they have to wake and turn him.  Mostly it was just DH and myself in a comfortable room with recliners, blankets and pillows.  First time is the longest, the Avastin itself took an hour and half, then another hour for the Adriamycin and Cytoxan.  My I.V. pole is named Jethro.  Apparently they’re all named Jethro to avoid confusion.  The nurses watched in awe as I worked on my hand warmers.  (Yes another pair from Last Minute Knitted Gifts.)  Working with double pointed needles always makes me feel like a rock star (or an idiot depending on the pattern.  I hate it when you realize that the cast on you did is too loose and the needles just fell out.)  I felt pretty good yesterday until the evening and that’s when the nausea kicked in.  Took my Compisine (don’t know how to spell and too lazy to look it up) and drank more water and felt good enough to go to sleep.  Woke up every two hours but then that’s nothing new with toddlers around.  As I said before, feel like I have the flu today.  I understand that will probably get worse with the Neulasta shot this afternoon.  Woo.  🙂