What a lovely word.  It’s been forever since I’ve heard it used to describe me.  Heh.  So both the nodule and the weird thing are benign!  Can I get a Hoo-ray?!   Neither thing shows any signs of being cancerous at all, just weird.  And apparently people live with weird things in their bodies all the time.

 As for knitting, I’m currently working on an EZ percentage yoke sweater for DD, a pair of handwarmers for my MIL’s birthday, the Cable Dress for my Mom (heh, I’m ALWAYS working on that one!), and a Lousia Harding hat with cute little flowers.  I have to say I’m totally impressed with the Impression yarn by Louisa Harding.  It knits up so differently from what it looks like in the ball and the touch of mohair makes it really soft.  Knit up, it reminds me of a Monet with a little shimmery something.  I’ll get a picture soon.