Here’s the long overdue Glowing Colors Afghan from Lion Brand.  VERY easy knit.  Basically Jiffy yarn doubled on size 17 needles.  I did add a crocheted border that is not in this picture.

Glowing Colors Afghan

My sister left a bunch of yarn that was originally intended for a baby afghan at my house.  She mentioned that she really needed to make something for one of her friend’s babies.  So.  What’s a girl with lots of sitting time and doctor’s appointments to do?  She looks through all of her magazines and books until she finds one in the right gauge that calls for worsted weight and gets a-knitting.  Voila.  The Crimson Cutie sweater from the most recent Creative Knitting.  This is the first time I’ve made something from Creative Knitting and while it is cute, I think it was a little bit harder than the easy rating it got.  It assumed that I had a lot of knowledge that I’m not sure a new knitter would have.  I did have to adapt the hem because I ran out of yarn.  The original calls for a picot edge made by yarn overs and then folding the edge and sewing.  Still cute though.

Not Crimson Cutie