Got my last drain out yesterday, and boy, does my arm feel better.  Don’t get me wrong.  It still hurts like crazy, but I’ve been able to cut back on the ibuprofen (which I’m sure my stomach is thanking me for) and my range of motion has improved a ton.  I went in today for the ultrasound of my thyroid and yes, I have nodules.  Woo.  Most women my age do, especially with a hypothyroid history.  They will take a look at them and if they are big enough, there will be yet another biopsy.  Woo.  So here’s the thing.  I could really use a test with nothing suspicious on it so let’s get a big internet wide prayer/energy/good thoughts to NO THYROID CANCER.  I think I’ve been kicked enough, you know?  No more kicking. 

On a positive note, it is BEAUTIFUL outside and I think I might go talk a walk since I’m no longer burdened by drains.