So does anyone know what PET stands for?  People keep asking me and although I’m beginning to sound like a medical professional when I talk, I have no idea.  Anyway.  No metastatic disease.  Hooray!  BUT.  Why is there always a but?  I swear.  There is something funky going on around the thyroid.  Hopefully it is just my hypothyroidism which I’ve had since L was born.  So I guess that makes it just a Hoo.  Genetic testing was cancelled on their end and will be rescheduled soon.  Second drain is to come out tomorrow.  AND now I have an ultrasound on Friday to check out said thyroid.  I’m doing my best not to go to the dark place.  My Other Mama (My friend’s mom who has known me since I was 4 and also breast cancer survivor) always says, focus on the now and take each day as it comes.  So I’m trying.  And helping me with that is another visit from the Yarn Fairy, who this time comes in the form of Sylvia who not only gave me some lovely yarn and patterns for hats (which I’m going to need in a few weeks) but a signed copy of a knitting trashy novel.   How can one not be excited about a trashy novel in which the murder weapon is a pair of size 19 Addi Turbos?   Thanks so much Sylvia, it was so great to see you today and all the other Tenn Street Ladies.

posh yarns