Got up this morning at 4:30 ish for my PET scan.  As far as nuclear tests go, this one’s not to bad.  They inject you with a radioactive sugar and you get to sit and watch a movie for an hour.  Only bad part about that is now I need to rent Bridget Jones 2 so I can see the end.  I did read the book though.  Anyway, then you have to lie on your back on yet another very skinny platform while a circular machine whirs about your body.  After that it was off to the surgeons where they were able to remove one of my drains but not both.  I’ve been having some problems with what feels like super tight muscles in my shoulder/clavicle area and the nurse told it me it’s probably caused my the drain that had to stay in.  Bummer.  So it’s back to the surgeon’s on Thursday afternoon to get the other one out.  Hopefully.  They’re getting kind of gross as my body is trying to heal around them.  Thursday morning I’m off to Porter to do some genetic counseling.

On a not medical note, I drove the car today.  It’s funny how something as simple as putting gas in the car and getting a carwash can help bring a sense of normalcy to the world.  Many people have commented on how well I’m doing with the cancer crap and I should let you know that I usually don’t blog when I’m down and that I definitely have my “poor me” moments/hours.  But as I was telling a friend of mine, I read every one of your comments and just knowing that you all believe in me; that I’m strong enough to get through this, helps me to believe it too.  So please, don’t ever feel like I might get sick of hearing from you.  It won’t happen.  You guys are the wind beneath my wings.  Oh man.  I just quoted Bette Midler.  It’s probably time to end the post now.  🙂