is what my 5 year old exclaimed as I came back from my outing to Knit Knack today.  Cathy was kind to drive me as I was going a wee bit stir crazy here at the homestead.  The lovely ladies from the Arvada Knitters, Knit Knack and I believe Posh as well, got together to make sure I have plenty to keep me busy during the chemo.  Mary-Kay even dyed some special for me.  There were stitch markers by Claudia and one of Ruth’s clever crochet hooks.

 yarn bouquet

Also, they made sure I have a snugly afghan too!  And there are two on the way for the kids!

 friend afghan

Books, books, books!  Some of them signed!  Thanks Miss Marly!


Nachaele also gave a black shirt to match the pink one she has (Don’t have picture yet) and my friend Valerie made me a special bead bracelet.

But mostly it reminded me how truly lucky I am to have such wonderful friends to help me get through this crappy cancer thing.  There were way more people involved than I mentioned and I thank you as well.  A woman’s wealth is not measured by how many yarn skeins she has (though it’s pretty darned cool) but instead by all the love and support from the people who gave them to her.  Thank you so much.  I’d say I was speechless, but you all know me too well.  I’m never speechless.  I am however so grateful for all of you.  I can’t imagine what this would be like if I hadn’t met you.