Got home this afternoon so now I sit at the computer, wearing my sexy vintage flannel (the holey oversized one I’ve had since college when I thought it made me look waifish.  Note to readers, I was never waifish.  Heh.), my 3 dollar Walmart Slippers and my two plastic hand grenade shaped drains.   The surgery went well my surgeon tells me.  It looks pretty much like a breast that’s caved in, concave even.  The Percoset makes me nauseous but it does the trick for pain management.  As Kristi reported, one of the sentinel nodes came back positive so the surgeon ended up taking the common section of nodes out.  Both the tumor and the nodes are now being studied in the pathology lab so that the next step can be planned.  Mostly I’m amazed at how good (relatively) I feel. 

Dang.  I just emptied my drains and it was so heavy it ripped a hole in my flannel.   So now I’m wearing the OTHER sexy 3 dollar Walmart flannel with the fanny pack.  Yes.  A fanny pack.  Sigh.