for the rocker chick hair?  I had been going back and forth about chopping off my hair.  You know the argument, money wasted on hair that is going to fall out in a month.  My sister’s boss and friend, after finding out about my cancer, wanted to give me this.  As it turns out, she’d had cancer as a teen and said that watching her long hair fall out was a horrid experience and that shorter hair would lessen the blow.  I’m so glad and grateful to her for this.  I love my haircut.  I feel like for the first time in a LOOOOOONG time I look like the person I am inside.  The haircut experience was pretty funny too.  She sent me to Natalia, or as she calls her, “The Russian”.  When I arrived, she sat me down and said, “You look through pictures, find haircut.”  So I looked through the book and found one I thought might work and picked up my knitting.  About 5 minutes later, as she was doing an exquisite updo on her previous customer, she peeked over at me and said, “You keep looking!”  I mentioned that most of the models had long hair…  She said, “One minute,” grabbed a short hairstyle mag and handed it to me.  I looked through it as well and found some I thought might work.  When it was my turn, she asked what I wanted, and I told her I needed short and messy and showed her a picture.  She looked me over and said, “No.”  “This is no good.”  She quickly flipped through the magazine and found a haircut that I secretly loved but thought would never work with my face.  “This will be excellent,” she said.  Next thing I knew hair was flying and I had this awesome rocker chick haircut.  I think it actually makes my face looks thinner.  If I’d known that was going to happen I would’ve cut it off sooner.  So anyway, this rocker chick ‘do is brought to you by Chris Baer, a great lady who truly made the day of someone who she barely knows.  I know I look tired in the picture, but give me a break.  I’m having surgery tomorrow.  🙂

 Rocker Chick ‘Do